School Software Features

Manage your School in few clicks. Manage Fee Collection, Report Cards, Payroll, Admissions, Attendance, Inventory, etc.Takes care of - students, teachers, principals, parents and school management.SIMS uses a client-server architecture; the back-end service is based around Microsoft SQL Server with some business logic handled by a custom yii Framework module.

School Management Software is developed for schools to manage information spanning all functional requirements like Fee Collection, Report Card Generation, Payroll, Admissions, Inventory Management, Transportation, etc. It addresses the needs of all stakeholders within the education realm students, teachers, principals, parents and school management.

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Life time support

We provide life time support for our software . Schoolsoft Lifetime Support Policy helps drive your administration success. Our company leading support policy covers your entire technology environment, from database to middleware to application industry first, only from Sobinfotech.

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High quality

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